Isobel Phillipson


Isobel Phillipson

Isobel joined the firm in August 2021 after completing an internship at Olliers in June 2021. Isobel quickly progressed from our Litigation Support team to Paralegal, before beginning her training contract in May 2022. She has now completed her training contract and is looking forward to what’s to come.

Isobel completed her Law degree at the University of Manchester, where she also volunteered at the Legal Advice Centre. She then went on to complete her LPC and joined Olliers soon after. 

Isobel has assisted with both Magistrates and Crown Court cases, as well as gaining experience in DBS and PNC matters. She has also completed her pre-charge accreditation, an area in which Olliers specialises. She is now undergoing her Crown Court internal accreditation.

She is particularly interested in the Magistrates Court and hopes to join this team now that she has completed her training contract. 


Isobel has been involved with cases at the pre-charge stage during a criminal investigation. She takes a proactive approach during this stage, preparing representations for the police and prosecutors to advise on further lines of enquiry to assist the defence case, and helping to minimise the chances of a prosecution occurring. 

Isobel has also assisted with the preparation of several DBS and PNC cases, in submitting representations to the relevant bodies in relation to resolving these matters for clients.

Isobel is particularly interested in drafting applications to discharge Sexual Harm Prevention Orders.

Recent Cases:

  • 2023 – Crown Court – successfully obtained a suspended sentence for a client who had been convicted of possession with intent to supply a large amount of class B drugs
  • 2023 – Police Interview – successfully obtained a caution for a client who had admitted to child neglect and assault
  • 2023 – SHPO – successfully discharged SHPO, where our application was contested by the police
  • 2023 – Pre-charge case – successfully received no further action  for a client accused of stalking
  • 2023 – Crown Court – obtained suspended sentence for a section 18 assault case, which we sought to reduce to a section 20 assault
  • 2023 – SHPO – successfully discharged SHPO
  • 2023 – Pre-charge case – successfully obtained no further action for both clients for witness intimidation allegations
  • 2023 – SHPO – Successfully discharged SHPO, involving complex point of law that arose and required a court hearing to resolve
  • 2023 – Crown Court sentence – Suspended sentence for indecent images by mitigating on their behalf
  • 2023 – Magistrates – Possession of drugs trial discontinued following expert analysis. Case dropped before trial, client did not have to attend court.
  • R v J – 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a dangerous driving case in which the client received a suspended sentence and avoided immediate custody due to mitigation prepared by us.
  • 2022 – Client K – Successfully avoided inclusion on the Children’s Barred List for allegations of failing to raise safeguarding issues and follow the relevant policies at a nursery.


“Isobel has been very impressive, I know I’m in good hands.”

“Allow me to say a very big thank you to Olliers and especially Isobel who made us feel confident and as relaxed as we could have been under the circumstances.”

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and support.”

“Excellent work, would recommend to anyone.”

“A fantastic, professional solicitor. Isobel is a polite, well organised, very helpful and knowledgeable solicitor. A great asset to Olliers. She was there with me all the way from start to finish and always kept me up to date. I can not speak any more highly of Isobel.”

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