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Criminal defence for professionals

Lawyers representing professionals in relation to criminal allegations

At Olliers Solicitors we have a number of lawyers who specialise in defending professionals under investigation in relation to criminal allegations. We have many years experience of representing doctors, medical professionals, other lawyers, teachers, FCA-regulated professionals, and high-net-worth individuals.

What sets Olliers apart from many criminal defence firms is the proactive approach we adopt during a criminal investigation. We understand the stress and anxiety a criminal investigation can cause. Prior to and following an interview under caution, our team will do everything it can to keep to a minimum the likelihood of a client under investigation being charged with a criminal offence.

We frequently represent those facing allegations of a sexual nature, indecent image offences and allegations of domestic abuse including coercive and controlling behaviour. For many of our clients, they have no prior involvement with the criminal justice system.

Representation at the police station

We regularly represent professional clients at the police station most often when they are invited to attend by appointment for a voluntary interview.

Again, we seek to take a proactive approach and will make contact with the officers beforehand. We always aim to have full disclosure from the police prior to the interview in order we may advise our clients on the most appropriate way to proceed prior to the interview. This also seeks to limit the amount of time our clients will spend at the police station, which we understand can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience.

Pre-charge representations to the prosecution

For an individual to be prosecuted the police/ Crown Prosecution Service need to be satisfied that firstly there is a realistic prospect of a conviction based upon the evidence. Secondly, a prosecution has to be in the public interest. In cases where clients have been released under investigation,  lawyers often advise clients that there is nothing that can be done at this stage, in other words, it is a waiting game.  

We disagree with this approach and prefer to take a proactive approach. This is a crucial time stage of the case and there are a number of steps that can be undertaken by both you and your legal team at this stage which will make a significant difference to the ultimate conclusion of your case.  If you instruct us to act we will make immediate contact with the police. 

We will obtain confirmation from the officer dealing with the matter that no further police contact interview will take place without prior contact with ourselves. We will regularly liaise with the police for regular updates in order we can better advise you as to time scales and procedures.

As this process is ongoing we can maintain contact with the police. We can ask them to confirm that once the investigation is concluded and before a decision on charge is made. We ensure we will be given an opportunity to make representations against you being charged where appropriate, often arguing that it is not in the public interest to do so or that there is not a realistic prospect of conviction. At the appropriate point, we will submit representations to the police.

Representation at court

Over the years we have dealt with a vast number of clients who have been charged with relatively minor offences but for whom the consequences of a conviction are enormous.  In some cases, charges have been brought without the input of a Crown Prosecution Service lawyer and without full knowledge of all the facts that could have been put forward on behalf of a suspect.

Often defendants attend court assuming that they must enter a guilty plea and then deal with the potentially far-reaching consequences. They may feel that they have to plead guilty quite simply because they are guilty. However, in many cases, we have successfully argued that these matters should be adjourned to allow for the preparation of formal representations.  Even when there appears to be evidence of guilt, it may be possible to argue against a charging decision and ask for a view to be taken on the basis of public interest grounds. Click here to read more.

For cases that do proceed through the court system, we leave no stone unturned in the defence of our clients and can guide our clients through the process explaining each and every step. We have solicitors specialising in specific offences and relationships with leading barristers and KCs to ensure you receive the very best representation.

Professional discipline

We also have a specialist professional discipline department who can also represent individuals before their regulator. Our team of specialist professional discipline lawyers have significant experience across a broad variety of sectors.  We have significant experience of dealing with doctorspharmacists, dentists, healthcare professionals,  teachers, lawyers and many more. We understand how daunting such proceedings can be for professionals who have spent many years progressing their careers. We take pride in our ability to deal with such cases sensitively and empathetically and always seek to conclude matters at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our specialists can also advise on the consequences of convictions and cautions from the perspective of the Disclosure and Barring Service for those employed in sensitive professions. 

Leading criminal solicitors for professionals

If you are under investigation for a criminal offence, have been contacted by the police or have been charged with a criminal offence please contact us to arrange an immediate telephone consultation.

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