Ruth Peters

Ruth Peters: Business Development Lead and Criminal Defence Lawyer

Business development

Ruth leads the business development team at Olliers across all areas of specialism. She has been with the firm for more than 15 years and has an enviable level of experience across the entire spectrum of criminal defence. Ruth often deals with the initial stages of cases for privately funded clients who are seeking the very best criminal defence representation particularly in relation to variety of offences including indecent images, sexual offences and domestic assault allegations.

Ruth is known for her calm, approachable, down to earth and reassuring manner.  She understands that for many clients this is the most difficult period of their life and seeks to handle their cases with the upmost sensitivity and understanding. Clients are able to rely on Ruth and trust her to get them through the most difficult period of their lives.

Ruth is able to guide clients in relation to the processes of the criminal justice system, timescales and advise how Olliers can advise and assist as a case progresses. She can provide detailed quotations for each stage of a case and advise how Olliers pro-active strategic approach can be implemented to benefit a case and potentially avoid a prosecution.

Ruth only acts for clients on a privately funded basis and does not act on a legally aided basis.

Acting for professionals

Ruth acts for an extensive number of professional clients who are under investigation by the police in relation to a variety of criminal allegations.The firm specialises in defending clients at this stage of proceedings including but not limited to sexual offences, images offences, assault matters and other serious allegations.  She understands the implication of prosecution for professionals and where appropriate will seek to make representations to the prosecution at the pre-charge stage where either prosecution is not in the public interest or there is not a realistic prospect of conviction.


  • Olliers Solicitors and in particular Ruth Peters was instrumental from the outset in helping me to achieve the desired outcome with my legal matter. The initial phone consultation was very positive and informative and I felt extremely confident from speaking with Ruth. Additionally the advice was of a consistently high standard compared with other firms I had consulted with, and on reflection I had zero concerns during the process to resolve my issues. Extremely delighted with their professionalism, service and support from the moment we spoke to the conclusion of the matter concerned.  I would thoroughly recommend this company and for anyone requiring assistance to give them a call.”
  • “Ruth showed exceptional dedication and was very thorough with all her working giving me confidence in her dealing of the matter.”
  • “Thank you so much for the excellent work you produced. I have been sitting nervous and worried for the past few months but your hard work and dedication towards my matter has been fantastic. Keep up the good work.”
  • “Thank you so much Ruth.  You have been fantastic and so approachable when I have been worrying and anxious. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and reassurance.”

Specialist Drink Driving Lawyer Manchester & London

Ruth has additionally developed a particular expertise in defending alcohol related allegations. She has a detailed understanding of the various technical defences and legal loopholes available to clients and is able to scrutinise the prosecution evidence to establish exactly which defences are available in individual cases.  She has an excellent knowledge of the different types of breathalyser devices used across England and Wales and the procedure and operation of each.

Recent Motoring Cases

  • 2020 – Oxford Crown Court – Defendant acquitted of driving with excess alcohol in lower court. Conviction for failing to report  overturned on appeal.
  • 2020 – Hendon Magistrates’ Court – dependant acquitted in relation to driving with excess alcohol matter following successful disclosure argument.
  • 2020 – Peterborough Magistrates’ Court – not guilty verdict in driving with excess alcohol matter following successful disclosure argument.
  • 2020 – Norwich Crown Court – technical arguments in relation to analysis of blood specimen led to conviction being overturned on appeal.
  • 2020 – Wigan Magistrates’ Court – Defendant found not guilty after lengthy expert evidence and legal argument.
  • 2020 – Isleworth Crown Court – Failing to provide a specimen allegation. Conviction overturned on appeal following expert evidence.
  • 2020 – R –v–J Wimbledon Magistrates Court – prosecution discontinued case the afternoon prior to trial in relation to a drunk in charge offence after service of expert report by defence.
  • 2020 – R –v–C Hendon Magistrates’ Court – no evidence offered in respect of drink driving allegation on day of trial following serious flaws in prosecution disclosure


Disclosure & Barring Service Lawyer UK

Ruth also undertakes Disclosure  and Baring Service (DBS work) including:

  • Applications for deletion of entries on Police National Computer (PNC) records;
  • Applications for deletion of biometric data;
  • Representations to the DBS if you have received a ‘Minded to Bar’ Letter;
  • Appeals to the Upper Tribunal in relation to decisions to include on the DBS Barred List; and
  • Appealing entries which have been disclosed on an ‘Enhanced DBS’ Check.

Successful Cases

  • 2020 – Avoided inclusion on barred list for career after incidents and allegations whilst on duty at a care home.
  • 2020 – Successful representations DBS for owner of academy following receipt of caution. Avoided inclusion on barred list
  • 2020 – Avoided inclusion on barred list for teacher following false allegations from a student of sexual communications.
  • 2020 – Successfully avoided inclusion on children’s barred list for teacher following isolated incident in previous career
  • 2020 – Avoided inclusion on adult’s barred list for carer who received referral following unsubstantiated allegations in previous role.
  • 2020 – Achieved removal of client from both barred lists following lodging of appeal in relation to decision of DBS.
  • 2020 – Successful application for removal of record of arrest in relation to domestic assault.  Confirmation biometric data also automatically deleted.
  • 2020 – Successful application for removal of record of arrest in relation to rape/sexual assault.  Confirmation biometric data also automatically deleted.

Professional Discipline Lawyer – GMC/NMC/TRA

Ruth also provides professional assistance and representation to those facing proceedings before the GMC or NMC from initial referral to the Interim Order Tribunal to, if necessary, full Fitness to Practice hearings before the MPTS.

Ruth also represents teachers facing proceedings before the Teaching Regulation Agency.

Ruth has also represented police officers facing misconduct hearings and attended Special Case Hearings on behalf of serving officers.

Law Society ‘Use a Solicitor’ Campaign

bus advertisment featuring Ruth PetersRuth has previously been one of the faces of the Law Society’s ‘Solicitor. Here to Help’ campaign encouraging member of the public to use solicitors and aiming to break down the perception that solicitors are out of reach for some people.

“I have always felt that the public image of solicitors was that we are unapproachable, intimidating, stuffy and scary, so when I was asked if I would like to support the campaign to change that image I was happy to help.”

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  • “Ruth’s guidance and assistance with this case has been invaluable. Her understanding and supportive nature made me feel so comfortable and she was a pleasure to deal with. She offered sincere and sound advice throughout. I am extremely grateful for everything. Thank you.”
  • “Ruth was amazing and I simply cannot thank her enough.  I was so anxious over the whole situation yet every time I spoke to Ruth she  managed to put me at ease. She never made me feel like I was being silly and  had so much patience with me. She was  fantastic in court and was so much support to me at a very difficult time in my life.”
  • “I cannot thank Ruth Peters enough for the unbelievable service and support she has provided me throughout my drink driving offence case. The loss of my licence would have changed my life completely – not in a positive way – I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the not guilty outcome.”
  • “Without Ruth’s preparation of my case, knowledge of the law, plus her tenacity, I have no doubt that my trial would have had a completely different outcome.”
  • “I just want to again thank Ruth and Olliers for everything, they have been amazing! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in the same situation.”

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