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At Olliers we understand that people are passionate about football and supporting their team. We know that there are lots of issues that concern fans including sometimes over-zealous stewarding, safe standing areas and seemingly outdated restrictions relating to alcohol.

We are also aware that there are occasions when people can find themselves in difficulty in connection with football matches. Olliers have a long history of representing people who have been arrested in connection with football related matters. We have been involved in some of the most serious cases involving allegations of organised disorder. Olliers also regularly represent people in connection with Public Order Act offences, alcohol and ticketing related matters.

Football related offences

Figures released by the Home Office in November 2013 show that football related arrests have fallen significantly over the past few years. However it is also the case that there were increases last season both in terms of arrests and the issuing of Football Banning Orders. We have created a guide to the sorts of matters for which people sometimes find themselves in difficulty at matches and also the power of the courts to impose Football Banning Orders. We hope that this will provide useful preliminary information:

How can Olliers Football assist you?

If you face an allegation arising out of a football related matter Olliers Football may very well be able to assist you. Whether you are due to attend the police station, have already been interviewed by the police or are to appear in Court we can provide robust advice and first class representation. Olliers have offices in Manchester and London and we can be contacted at any time.

Olliers do not deal with football related offences on a legally aided basis.

The Olliers Football Team

Olliers Football is a dedicated team that specialise in defending football related matters. The team is led by Laura Baumanis and James Claughton.

Laura is one of Olliers’ most experienced advocates. Laura combines an extremely impressive success rate with a reassuring and empathetic manner. She is heavily praised by clients for the high level of support she offers in guiding clients through what can often be a daunting and overwhelming process. Laura’s full profile can be viewed here.  Outside work Laura has a keen interest in football which she shares with her family.

Need help? Olliers are specialist football offence lawyers (London & Manchester)

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