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Olliers Solicitors are able to defend all manner of food safety prosecutions including:

Any business working in the Food Sector is required to comply with Food Safety Standards as found in the above legislation.  The specific requirements depend on the type of business that is operated.

For larger businesses involved in the importation and distribution of food, regulations manage the safe importation, traceability, safe handling and labelling.

For smaller food retailers the regulations cover the safe management of food, staff training and cleanliness.

Offences under the Food Safety Act 1990

The main food safety and consumer protection offences created by the Food Safety Act 1990 include:

Section 7 Food Safety Act 1990 – rendering food injurious to health by:

  • adding an article or substance to the food
  • using an article or substance as an ingredient in the preparation of the food
  • abstracting any constituent from the food
  • subjecting the food to any process or treatment
  • with the intention that it shall be sold for human consumption

Section 14 Food Safety Act 1990 – selling to the purchaser’s prejudice any food which is not of the nature or substance or quality demanded by the purchaser.

Section 15 Food Safety Act 1990 – falsely describing or presenting food.

Under section 20, if the commission of an offence is due to the act or default of another person, the other person is guilty of the offence.

Under section 21 in proceedings for an offence under the provisions of Part 2 of the Act – which includes the offences listed above – it is a defence for a food business operator to prove that he took all reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence to avoid the commission of the offence.

Here at Olliers Solicitors we bring experience and understanding in giving advice on how best to handle being prosecuted under this legislation. We will be able to minimise the impact on yourself and your business in a cost effective way.

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