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Hannah joined Olliers in early 2021 as a legal administrator after interning in summer 2020. She initially worked part time whilst finishing her LPC studies at the University of Law and then started her period of recognised training as a trainee solicitor in August 2021.

Now in her final year of training, Hannah has appreciated a variety of work; from handling Magistrates cases such as compiling briefs, to undertaking Crown Court preparation in the many different stages in the run up to trial and sentence.

She particularly values the opportunity in attending court to observe Counsel when representing the client on behalf of the instructing solicitor. Over the last year Hannah has developed a crucial understanding to the importance and process to pre-charge engagement and the need for a pro-active approach in the preliminary stages of an investigation.

Hannah is in the midst of her police station accreditation. Acting as a probationary representative, she recognises that the advice given to a client could be detrimental if a charge follows, the case progresses to court and Counsel seek to rely on the client’s initial interview and whether a defence or full account was provided at the earliest opportunity.

As part of her role, Hannah has valued working alongside a number of practitioners, liaising with clients and Counsel whilst ensuring that the client’s wellbeing and knowledge to their case remains at the forefront. These are fundamental skills she vows to carry forward as she qualifies as a solicitor in August 2023.


Client A – 2022 – Client A was arrested for the following; Rape, Common Assault and Attempt to administer a substance with intent to commit a sexual offence.  A pro-active approach was adopted and pre-charge engagement was established at an early stage with the officer in charge once the client had instructed Olliers to act. Particular attention was placed on the analysis of the police station notes and obtaining the client’s full instructions.  A proof of evidence was drafted which led to further enquiries put to the officer and formed the skeleton outline of our pre-chare representations submitted. The purpose of these representations, to motivate a decision not to charge and persuade the Crown Prosecution that there would not be a realistic prospect of conviction should this matter proceed to court. Following our representations, the police decided to take no further action against our client and the case was closed.

Hannah continues to actively engage in several pre-charge matters which are ongoing. She is currently undertaking research with consideration to the DPP’s Guidance and the Attorney Generals Guidelines to identify strategies to bringing an inherently weak case to an early conclusion without a protracted investigation.

Hannah has a particular interest in observing how those highly experienced in Crown Court matters prepare the case in the lead up to trial, an area she hopes to expand further in as she progressed to qualification.

Case Studies

  • R v Z – 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a committal for sentence, a successful outcome where the client avoided custody once pleading guilty to the following; inciting and engaging sexual activity, sexual communications and possession of extreme pornographic images.
  • R v P – 2022 – Prepared a burglary matter for sentence where the client successfully avoided a custodial sentence despite an appalling history of antecedents of a similar nature.
  • R v S – 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a youth trial representing co-defendants for possession of an offensive weapon.
  • R v S – 2022 – Successfully prepared an appeal against sentence for a youth who avoided custody despite a poor record of previous convictions comparable to the offence the client was convicted for.
  • R v A – 2022 – Preparation of a domestic case which was heard before the Crown Court.
  • R v W – 2021 – Preparation of a robbery trial and sentence.
  • R v T – 2021 / 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a complex affray and assault on an emergency worker case where little evidence supporting the Prosecution case could be found.
  • R v K – 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a domestic and grievous bodily harm case for trial and sentence where the client successfully avoided custody.
  • R v F – 2022 – Represented a client who was convicted for a bomb hoax matter where particular medical and mental health concerns had to be shown great consideration.
  • R v P – 2022 – Represented a client whose matter was committed to the Crown Court for a serious stalking matter and successfully avoided a custodial sentence.
  • R v B – 2022 – Involved in the preparation of a conspiracy to supply drugs case.

Hannah is experienced in the preparation of Magistrates trial cases.

Hannah in her second year of training continues to develop her understanding for pre-charge work and the many different stages which formulate Crown Court preparation for trial and committals for sentence.

Membership of Organisations

  • WICL – Women in criminal law
  • Manchester Trainee Solicitor Group


“A huge thank you to Hannah Poole she provided an outstanding service, constant communication throughout the process putting me and my family at ease and leaving no doubts as to the next step. Hannah made a extremely stressful situation bearable. I would strongly recommend the whole team and I cannot thank you all enough for the outcome!”

“Hannah took away a lot of the stress with her ongoing support and commitment to my son and gave me confidence that we would get a good outcome. Not only did she show she cared, her empathy gave us strength at such a difficult time. I would definitely recommend Olliers!”

I had such a good experience with a trainee solicitor Hannah. She was attentive and kept us well informed throughout. Hannah took away a lot of the stress with her ongoing support and commitment to my son and gave me confidence that we would get a good outcome. Not only did she show she cared, her empathy gave us strength at such a difficult time. I would definitely recommend Olliers!”

“After chatting with Matthew and he showed his professional knowledge and I decided to go for them as crime specialist. Kate and Hannah are dealing with my case and they are very helpful and professional skills and help me pass the hard time. And I would like to thank them and Olliers solicitor with good service. And they worked with the barrister very well also. I would like to recommend them dealing with crime case.”

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