Martha Whitehead

Senior Associate

Martha Whitehead

Martha Whitehead qualified as a solicitor in 1992 and joined Olliers Solicitors initially in 2001. She left the firm for a number of years but has now re-joined Olliers as a Senior Associate.

She has over 30 years of experience as a specialist crime practitioner including regularly advising clients at the police station. She has the ability and expertise to assess cases in detail from the outset and enjoys the challenge of assisting and advising people in this stressful initial stage of a case.


Martha undertakes a pro-active and front footed approach during the investigative stage of a case for those clients who have been released under investigation or police bail following an interview under caution. She focuses on pre-charge engagement and drafting robust representations against charge to prevent prosecutions in appropriate cases with significant success.

Sexual Allegations

In allegations of sexual offending Martha has experience of working with clients from the pre-charge investigative stage through to the Youth Court/Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court. In this area her extensive work with counsel, maturity and understanding of other areas of law particularly inform her practice.

Representing Neurodivergent Clients

Martha has many years of experience representing neurodivergent clients. Her sensitive and emphatic manner lends itself to working with clients who require additional support.

Criminal Proceedings

As a Magistrates’ Court advocate she has regularly represented clients from first appearance to trial. In this work, she takes an interest in the particular needs of clients such as their youth or mental health.

In the higher courts Martha has worked upon large scale MTIC/carousel fraud, money laundering and drugs operations. The defence of these cases spread over several years requires a consistent approach to detail, the ability to analyse large volumes of data, to work with a variety of other professionals and present clear advice to clients. Martha combines these skills with talent and proficiency.

Her work in recent years has included representation of clients charged with terrorism, sexual offences, drugs,  murder and serious violence. This has involved issues such as mental health, modern slavery and child witnesses  working with a range of professional experts.

Recent cases

  • 2024 R v N – lengthy investigation by police into offending in family relationship Liaison with police and representations made when case proceeded to CPS resulting in no further action.
  • 2024 R v C – allegation of rape and violence within a domestic relationship. Detailed representations prepared and correspondence with police resulting in no further action.
  • 2024 R v M – allegations including rape and false imprisonment. Advice to client and correspondence with police concluding with no further action.
  • 2024 R v C – allegation of rape and sexual assault. Pre-charge advice and liaison with police resulting in no further action.
  • 2024 R v L – allegation of assault upon door staff.  No further action after police station representation.
  • 2023 R v C attempted section 18 assault case subject to no further action after lengthy liaison with police and submission of detailed representations.
  • 2023 Stalking harassment public order. No further action following advice and representations at pre-charge stag

  • 2023 R v M – privately instructed to advise at police station regarding an allegation of assault. Case subject to no further action.
  • 2023 R v D – No further action following detailed representations regarding allegation of historic sexual assault of child.
  • 2023 R v F – successful pre-charge representations resulting in no further action for historic allegations of sexual assault. Significant pre-charge research and investigative work undertaken.
  • 2023 R v H – successful pre-charge representations leading to no further action for rape, including obtaining witness and character statements.
  • 2023 – Neurodiverse client – Malicious communications. Represented at court following breakdown of relationship with former solicitors. Community penalty imposed.
  • 2022 – Following advice at the police station, case referred to youth offending scheme avoiding prosecution for possession of a bladed article.
  • 2022 – Neurodiverse client – Allegation of statutory rape of 13 year old. No further action outcome following advice in advance and at voluntary interview in correspondence with police.
  • 2022 – Rape allegation, instructions and advice before attending police station and voluntary interview. Statement prepared, no further action.
  • 2022 – Rape, no further action following advice before and at voluntary interview.
  • 2022 – Sexual assault allegation. Case transferred to Olliers after first interview. No further action following pre-charge engagement and representations. Investigations undertaken, representation and identification parades and further interview.

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Martha Whitehead

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