Rebecca Dimond

Business Executive 

Rebecca Dimond

Rebecca has been at Olliers since 2010 and has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the business. Over the years she has worked in both support and fee earning roles, gaining her police station accreditation and business and administration qualifications along the way. She has experience of handling a caseload of police station, magistrates and crown court cases.

Rebecca is currently working in our business development department as a Business Executive. 

Rebecca is often the first person somebody speaks to at the firm, whether at the police station or as a new business enquiry. She is well placed to advise new business enquiries of their options and provide quotations for such work due to her wealth of experience. 

Rebecca is able to calmly and sensitively assist clients with navigating the criminal justice system. She understands the difficulties faced by clients who are going through such period in their life. She is known for taking a pragmatic approach whilst also being sensitive to each client’s individual needs. She is able to remain calm, helpful and understanding whilst dealing with complex and often emotional situations. 

Recent Cases

  • 2023 – Police station representation regarding allegations of importation and supply of class b drugs – no further action
  • 2023 – Police station representation in relation to offence of murder
  • 2023 – Crown Court representation regarding offence of robbery resulting in suspended sentence
  • 2023 – Crown court representation regarding offence of possession with intent to supply class a drugs resulting in suspended sentence
  • 2022 – Police station representation for offence of affray taking place following a football match – matter resulted in a caution following strong verbal representations made to the officer
  • 2022 – Police station representation re large scale drugs operation involving undercover officers
  • 2022 – Historic rape matter – no further action
  • 2022 – preparation of robbery matter in youth court resulting in a referral order
  • 2022 – preparation of GBH matter in youth court resulting in referral order
  • 2022 – Police station representation re conspiracy to convert firearms
  • 2021 – Indecent images – no further action
  • 2021 – Police station representation re attempt murder
  • 2021 – Police station representation re possession of a firearm
  • 2021 – Police station representation re conspiracy to produce/supply class A and B drugs
  • 2021 – controlling and coercive behaviour, assault and criminal damage – no further action
  • 2020 – Indecent exposure – no further action
  • 2020 – Section 47 ABH – no further action
  • 2020 – Possession bladed article/Possession cannabis – referral to youth justice
  • 2020 – child neglect – no further action
  • 2020 – Rape and Assault  – no further action
  • 2020 – affray and possession of a bladed article – no further action
  • 2020 – conspiracy to burgle – two clients represented  – no further action for both
  • 2020 – concerned in the supply of class b drugs – no further action
  • 2019 – possession with intent to supply, theft and fraud – no further action
  • 2019 – robbery, TWOC and handling stolen goods – no further action
  • 2019 – violent disorder – no further action


Thank you so much Rebecca. I can’t believe the outcome. This has been the worst time of my life and I’m so pleased it has all finished. Thanks to you and the team for a fantastic service.

“Thank you for being so informative. This is why I have chosen this solicitor firm again as I’ve always been assisted and advised to the best quality.”

“I am very grateful and appreciate all your support, guidance and prompt answering of my queries when I was anxious.”


Rebecca Dimond

Business Executive


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