Anne-Marie Nicholls

Senior Associate

Anne-Marie Nichols

After qualifying as a solicitor in 2002 Anne-Marie started her career in criminal defence working as a solicitor advocate until 2004 when she began working for the Crown Prosecution Service.

She initially started working in the Magistrates’ Court unit before progressing to more serious crimes such as Death by Dangerous Driving and Murder on the Crown Court Unit.

For the last 7 years her work was as a specialist prosecutor on the Rape and Sexual Offences Unit (RASSO) dealing with a wide range of such cases including Child Sexual Exploitation and Historic Sexual Abuse and indecent images.

Anne-Marie was the Area Lead on cases involving Domestic Violence for 10 years and she began work as a pre-charge lawyer in 2006 when the charging scheme commenced.

She has 17 years of experience in pre-charge advice and preparation and an extensive knowledge of the legislation involving complex, historic cases.


“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter. A special thanks once again to Anne Marie for her professionalism, not forgetting the Sunday night email when I needed it most, her accurate advice and generally her ability to reduce my stress. If you were not a solicitor you’d make an ace counsellor.”

Anne-Marie Nicholls

Senior Associate


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