Can a parent instruct a criminal law firm for their child?

Written 13th January 2023 by Ruth Peters

At Olliers we are regularly contacted by concerned parents or family members who are looking to instruct a criminal defence firm on behalf of their child or other relative. Often they are making the enquiry due to the age of their child. Sometimes it may simply be that the person accused of an offence is struggling dealing with what has happened or they may be extremely apprehensive about making the enquiry for fear of being judged due to the nature of the allegation. We are always happy to speak to parents who are making enquires on behalf of their child.

Impact on the family

Often it is not the just the person accused of an offence that can be impacted by a police investigation.  The wider family will need to support the individual under investigation as a police investigation can have a huge impact on that person’s mental health. There can often also be logistical issues to deal with. By way of example, when individuals are released on pre-charge bail they are often subject to bail conditions. These bail conditions can impact on a family unit when they prohibit access or unsupervised access to those under 18. For example, this could prohibit no unsupervised access to another child within the family unit and make matters very difficult for the entire family. There can also often be social services involvement with the family unit and that can be distressing for all involved.

Neurodiverse clients

We are also often contacted by family members in relation to neurodiverse clients. At Olliers we specialise in representing clients who are neurodiverse and receive referrals from all over the country to deal with children, young people and adults who are either under investigation by the police or who are already charged with criminal offences. We understand that often a family member may contact us on behalf of a potential client in relation to such cases and are happy to discuss Olliers expertise in representing neurodivergent clients.


Once formally instructed we will need to actually speak to the individual themselves. However, as long as a client is happy for us to do (and provides us with permission) we are happy to continue to liaise with family members as the case progresses.


At the outset we will provide a quotation to detail Olliers’ fees should we be instructed in relation to the matter. We try to be as clear and transparent in relation to costs as possible and are happy to accept payment from family members on behalf of a client.

How can instructing Olliers assist?

What sets Olliers apart from many criminal defence firms is the proactive approach we adopt during a criminal investigation. We have an excellent reputation for representation before the criminal courts but the best possible outcome is when an investigation ends without our client being prosecuted. We understand the stress and anxiety a criminal investigation can cause. The work we undertake for clients during this stage of the criminal process goes way beyond a police station attendance. Prior to and following an interview under caution, our team will do everything it can to minimise the likelihood of a client under investigation being charged with a criminal offence.

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Written by Ruth Peters, solicitor, at Olliers. Ruth is Olliers’ business development director and a first point of contact for enquiries for privately funded clients. If someone you love and care for is in trouble with the police, please do contact us. We are sure we will be able to help. Please do not hesitate to contact Ruth on 0161 8341515 or by email to
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