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Written 9th January 2023 by Nathalie Potter

Olliers’ Head of DBS Nathalie Potter explains the process when instructing Olliers to represent you in relation to a DBS matter. As the Head of DBS I will be the first point of contact for new enquiries, either by telephone, email or via our website. During our initial call I will take information about your case and set out the best way in which Olliers can assist you. I will give you guidance on how we think it best to go forward and ways to make your case as strong as possible. I will set out our fees and how to pay them and hopefully leave you feeling more positive about the situation you have found yourself in. I will usually ask for an email address in order to allow me to send you everything we have discussed in writing and from there you are free to have a think about whether you wish to instruct us. There is no obligation to instruct and we do not charge for an initial telephone conversation. It is important that you find the correct individual to represent you; these cases are serious and you must be comfortable enough to discuss the allegations in full with whomever you instruct. I have 15 years’ experience working within criminal defence and can assure you there will be no judgement on my part; I will listen and advise as best I can.

Olliers’ DBS department deals with the following matters:

What is the process?

Should you then wish to instruct Olliers, you will need to respond to my email confirming the same. Please also attach any documents that may assist such as the Minded to Bar letter or information from the police that relates to a record deletion enquiry. Once your file is open we will send out our engagement email containing our Engagement Letter which sets out the service we will provide to you, together with our invoice and terms and conditions to sign. Depending on the reason for instructing us, there may also be a consent form to sign. Once payment has been arranged I will assign your case to one of my colleagues so they can take your full instructions. They will need all the information you can provide in relation to the allegations against you, your personal circumstances, and anything else you think will be of assistance. They will draft your representations under my supervision and once we are happy with the content we will forward to yourself for approval. We will allow enough time for any amendments or reworking prior to submission – we need to be sure we have not misunderstood or misrepresented you in any way. Once you are completely happy we can submit on your behalf.

How can I get in contact?

Please contact me to arrange a confidential discussion by telephone on 0161 8341515, by email to nathaliepotter@olliers.com or by completing the form below.

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