Drugs offences and Football Banning Orders

Written 11th November 2022 by David Philpott

As the Premier League heads for a break for the duration of the World Cup new provisions have come into force concerning drugs at football matches. From 10th November 2022 anyone convicted of either possessing or supplying class A drugs at a regulated game can now be made subject to a Football Banning Order. Recent figures show that there were 140 arrests for drug related offences at football matches during the 2021-22 season. Official statistics also reveal an increase in football related arrests at for all types of offences with a total of 2198 people being arrested last season. That figure is 59% higher than the number arrested in 2018-2019, the last complete season before covid.

Offences & Sanctions

A number of concerns have been raised about the issue of drug taking, especially cocaine, and the possibility that this might be contributing to disorder at matches. Baroness Casey’s report on the violence at Wembley during the Euro 2020 final last summer referred to “eye witness accounts given to the media in the immediate aftermath of Euro Sunday state that there was use of drugs, in particular cocaine, among the crowd. These are supported by the Review’s survey which suggests illegal dug taking must have been widespread and taken place in plain sight.” When someone is convicted of a football related offence a Football Banning Order can be imposed for a period of between three and ten years. The conditions that can be imposed not only prevent people attending matches but can also include other terms relating to the surrender of passports, reporting to the police station and exclusions from certain areas.

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