Written 22nd March 2013 by Olliers Solicitors

In August 2011, Olliers re-launched its specialist motor law department and since then, has enjoyed some incredible results and successes.

Olliers Motor Law

Whilst the department has expertise in all motoring offences, the vast majority of the case load at Olliers Motor Law is made up of alcohol-related allegations as these offences are quite common and tend to carry significant penalties that drivers want to avoid.

Many of our clients simply cannot afford to lose their driving licence and we constantly strive to build the strongest defence case possible to ensure the highest chance of a successful acquittal.

There are various types of alcohol related cases. Some involve a breath sample whereas, more commonly, the police have taken a blood or urine sample. A person may have been charged with failing to provide a breath sample or have been taken to hospital and these differing circumstances are of paramount importance when preparing a case for trial.

Since the website launched in late 2011, we are extremely proud of the following success statistics and hope they go some way to reassuring you that if you instruct Olliers Motor Law, you are in the best possible hands. We are yet to lose a single case involving a sample of blood or urine or in cases where the defendant was taken to hospital.

Drink Driving

Breath sample – 92%
Testimonial: Simon W (South East)

Blood sample – 100%
Testimonial: ICT Engineer (Merseyside)

Urine sample – 100%
Testimonial: TV Director (South East)

Hospital Procedure – 100%
Testimonial: Adam (North East)

Failure to Provide a Specimen

Breath sample – 100%
Testimonial: Richard H (South East)

The department is still growing and we are confident in maintaining this outstanding success rate as the year progresses. We also welcomed Ruth Peters, a specialist motoring solicitor into the department in September 2012. The meticulous approach to preparation the department prides itself on has been adopted by Ruth whose clients have already enjoyed successful results in 2013.

If you are unsure as to who to instruct to assist you with your case, we welcome you to contact either Neil Sargeant or Ruth Peters at our motoring department for specialist advice.

Neil Sargeant

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