5 Things to Look Out for on EU Referendum Day

Written 23rd June 2016 by Olliers Solicitors

Andrew Sperling, Solicitor-Advocate, considers EU Referendum Day

1. Beware Canvassers Bearing Gifts or Entertainment

The criminal offence of treating applies if a person directly or indirectly gives any food, drink or entertainment to corruptly influence any voter to vote.

So…if someone offers you a bag of sweets or starts juggling in front of you in an entertaining manner, suggesting you should vote Leave or Remain, you may want to consult a police officer.

2. Do Not Pretend to Be Someone Else When You Go To Vote

Putting on a wig and your Auntie Angela’s best frock to go the polling station is fine so long as you do not give Auntie Angela’s name and address when you get there.

Personation is a criminal offence in which a person votes as someone else.

3. Watch Out for Police Officers Outside Polling Stations

If a police officer approaches you and tries to persuade you to vote Leave, find another police officer and report them.

It is an offence for members of a police force to canvass and to try to persuade a person to vote in a particular way.

4. Do Not Publish Racist Posters

It is an offence under the Public Order Act 1986 to publish or distribute threatening, abusive or insulting material that is intended to stir up racial hatred or which is likely to stir up racial hatred.

For example – a poster with a slogan ‘Enough is Enough’ with a long line of people trying to enter the country, all of whom are black.

5. Do Not Make Threats

If you get a knock on the door from someone brandishing a pitchfork and suggesting in a menacing way that you should vote one way or another, you know what to do.

A person is committing an offence of undue influence if they directly or indirectly make use of or threaten to make use of violence or damage to induce a person to vote.

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