Saskia Abbot


Saskia Abbot

Saskia re-joined Olliers in 2024 after having previously trained and qualified as a solicitor with the firm.

She was part of Olliers from 2011 until 2016 and undertook her training contract with the firm.

Saskia left Olliers in 2016 and joined another leading firm within the Manchester area before choosing to re-join Olliers.

Pre-charge specialism 

Saskia is known for her empathetic nature and personable approach. Her clients trust she will provide the utmost support to them during what may be the most traumatic period of their lives.

She has a genuine passion for criminal defence having specialised in criminal law for her entire career since qualification.

Saskia is known for her proactive approach during the ongoing investigation stage of a case. An interview under caution is an extremely important stage of the process but it is often after the police interview that the real work begins. Saskia will always look to bring an investigation to a conclusion without the need for a prosecution. She is known for her strategic approach liaising with investigators throughout and will utilise a combination of formal and informal representations to police and prosecutors ensuring that the chances of a prosecution are substantially reduced.

Saskia generally only undertakes work on a privately funded basis.

Saskia Abbot



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