Written 28th April 2013 by Olliers Solicitors

Included are some of the letters that Olliers have written to newspapers and Members of Parliament (MPs). Please feel free to adopt the contents of any of these letters in your correspondence to either newspapers or MPs.

We have also added some e-mails to this list that have been sent to lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and others.

  1. Matthew Claughton – Letter to The Times – Published
  2. Tim McArdle’s brilliant spoof letter to Chris Grayling
  3. Matthew Claughton – Letter to Guardian – Published
  4. David Philpott – Letter to local MP, George Osborne (Download)
  5. Tim McArdle’s spoof letter – The Law Gazette – Published
  6. Matthew Claughton – Letter to the CPS (Download)
  7. Matthew Claughton – Letter to the Telegraph (Download)
  8. Matthew Claughton – Letter to MP, John Leach (Download)
  9. Martha Whitehead – Letter to The Independant (Download)
  10. David Philpott – Letter to MEP, Arlene McCarthy (Download)
  11. Template Letter No. 1 – ‘Client Choice of Legal Representation is the Best Guarantee of Quality in the Justice System’ (Download)
  12. Template Letter No. 2 – ‘MOJ Sacrifices Client Choice on the Altar of Price Competition’ (Download)
  13. Template Letter No. 3 – ‘Removal of a Citizen’s Right to Choose’ (Download)

Matthew Claughton

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