Written 1st May 2013 by Olliers Solicitors

Martin Foran was convicted of two counts of robbery in 1985 and received a total sentence of 8 years. He, and his family, have been fighting to clear his name ever since.

He was “investigated” by the now notorious West Midlands Police Serious Crime Squad who, he has always alleged, fabricated confession evidence, concocted false documentation and concealed information vital to his defence.

Court of Appeal

Martin’s case was referred to the Court of Appeal on two previous occasions, both unsuccessful. He approached Olliers in 2010 and, subsequently, an application was made to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC).

Since Martin’s previous appeal, there was information not previously considered by the court regarding the credibility of the principal police witness, Detective Inspector Paul Matthews, who interviewed him and recent developments in case law concerning the position when the evidence of a tainted officer is supported by other police evidence by officers to whom no criticism is attached.


It was on the above basis that the CCRC referred this case to the Court of Appeal in December 2012 and, after a full hearing on 26th March 2013, this 27 year old conviction was eventually quashed in April 2013.

Case Manager : Tracy Gibbon
Counsel : Miss Elizabeth Nicholls
CCRC : Mr Andrew Timney

Tracy Gibbon

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