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Operator Licence & Tachograph Offences

The list of offences that can arise from this area of legislation seems endless and cannot be listed entirely on this site. If charge with an offence we would strongly urge you to contact us.

Roadside Checks

Roadside checks by Traffic Examiners on behalf of VOSA are common particularly at ports and may result in various defects being identified. The most common defects often relate to tire-tread, brakes, lights etc which can result in the following common penalties:

  • “S” Mark (PG9): Is an immediate prohibition which will be investigated by VOSA
  • Graduated Fixed Penalty: These are being issued more often by examiners in an effort to reduce the amount of cases brought before the Traffic Commissioner. A GFP can be issued for up to 3 separate offences on one vehicle so the fines can total up quite quickly as each defect is given its own fine. Foreign drivers have one hour to pay the fine whereas GB residents have up to 28 days. VOSA agents often issue GFP’s in error and we would urge you to seek legal advice prior to paying any penalty. The vehicle will be immobilised with an £80.00 release fee which can be a huge inconvenience for Operator’s as the knock on effect of having a stationary vehicle can be severe.
  • Full VOSA Investigation:In cases that are serious enough a full investigation may be ordered. We would strongly urge you to seek legal advice in the event this should happen.


Several offences can arise that relate to tachographs whether it be in respect of drivers’ working hours and the EU Regulations or something vastly more serious such as fraud or conspiracy.

We can offer comprehensive advice in respect of this and recommend that you contact us.

If you are facing an allegation relating to operator’s licence or tachograph offences, contact us on 0808 168 0017.

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