Joanne Tang, Consultant Criminal Defence Solicitor

Joanne joined Olliers in February 2017 as a Consultant Solicitor whose core practice is criminal defence.

Having studied Law at Manchester Metropolitan University and trained at The College of Law in Chester, she qualified as a Solicitor in 2005 at Brian Koffman & Co. Since 2006 she practiced at Fieldings Porter Solicitors, Bolton and Manchester. She undertook criminal defence work and prosecuted numerous cases on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions, Environment Agency and NHS Counter Fraud Unit. She was also a LAA Crime Supervisor.

Joanne is a Duty Solicitor. She regularly represents clients at the police station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court. Her experience is extensive in not only general criminal offences but also defending Civil Applications for Anti Social Behaviour Orders/Criminal Behaviour Orders, Dangerous Dogs Contingent Destruction Orders, Sexual Offences Prevention Orders and Football Banning Orders. Of more recent times her specialist practice areas are defending clients charged with serious sexual offences, drug conspiracies/importation and firearms.

Professional membership and affiliations:

  • Greater Manchester Autism Consortium Project
  • Trafford Autism Strategy 2017 – 2019 Working Group

Notable criminal cases:

  • R v N 2018 – Defendant successfully complied with a 6 month deferred sentence for possession of a bladed article, criminal damage and public order offence. He received a 12 month conditional discharge.
  • R v M 2018 – Operation Tropical. Defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply over 13kg of cocaine and heroin. CPS placed him in ‘significant’ role category of the sentencing guidelines. We successfully argued that he fell squarely in ‘lessor’ role. He received a prison sentence of 5 years and 4 months.
  • R v K 2017 – Represented defendant charged with possessing false ID documents and attempt to possess false ID. Linked to a Counter Terrorism Operation where it was suggested that false ID documents were being supplied to males sent to fight in Syria. Defendant pleaded guilty and sentenced to 12 months in prison.
  • R v M 2017 – Defendant admitted to robbery of a local store using a potato peeler as he wanted to buy his mother a dog as her old dog was recently put down.  His mother suffers from depression following the murder of her husband. He received a 3 year prison sentence.
  • BC v N – 2017. faced forgery and fraud offences in relation to a Blue Badge. Pleaded guilty and received a fine. No separate penalty imposed for the fraud offence.
  • R v A – 2017.  A pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article, criminal damage and section 4A Public Order Act and received a deferred sentence.
  • Police v N – 2017. N accused of coercive behaviour and numerous assaults upon his wife. Matters denied and police took no further action against client.
  • Police v A – 2017. Represented client facing Human Trafficking allegations ‘Operation Gradative’. Police placed him at the top of the chain of an organised crime group. Proceeding.
  • Police v J –  2017 – Represented a young male with Asperger syndrome who was arrested on suspicion of rape of a female. Client was released from custody and no longer a suspect prior to being interviewed.
  • Police v R – 2017 – Represented wife of a defendant standing trial for human trafficking who was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. No further action taken by the police against her.
  • R v A – 2017 – Represented A, a social care professional, at the police station in early 2016 facing historical child sex abuse allegations. A was subsequently acquitted of all charges after a jury trial.
  • R v W –  2017 – Charged with conveying mobile phones and possession of psychoactive substance ‘spice’ with intent to supply at HMP Manchester. Committed for sentence at Crown Court and received 18 months imprisonment.
  • R v D – 2017 – Charged with producing indecent images. Committal for sentence at Crown Court and received a community sentence.
  • R v A – 2016 – Charged with numerous counts of rape of an adult female he just met at a house party that night. Acquitted of all counts following jury trial.
  • R v I – 2016 – Charged with numerous counts of rape of a child. Acquitted of all counts after jury trial.
  • R v W – November 2016 – Operation Troop. Represented defendant on suspicion of murder, one of thirteen co defendants.
  • R v W – 2016 – Charged with importing 200g of Class A drugs – Cocaine concealed in his laptop bag. This was his third drug trafficking offence. Pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and received a 5 year prison sentence. Successfully negotiated alternative lessor charge of allowing premises to be used in Cannabis production instead of Production of Cannabis. POCA proceedings withdrawn as not in the public interest to continue.
  • R v A – 2016 – Charged with possession of offensive weapon namely a sledge hammer and affray. Successfully negotiated the withdrawal of possession of an offensive weapon as it was duplicitous. Defendant received a suspended custodial sentence.
  • DWP v T – August 2016 – DLA overpayment of £21k. Charged with dishonesty offence S111 1A and CPS accepted guilty plea to non dishonesty offence S112 1A. Defendant was sentenced to a community order.
  • R v R – 2016 – S20 Wounding where defendant threw a piece of wood at victim like a ‘Frisbee’ causing serious injury. Crown accepted his guilty plea on a reckless basis.  Defendant received a suspended prison sentence.
  • R v R – 2016 – Charged with S39 Assault upon ex partner. Victim failed to attend trial to give evidence. Res gestae 999 call made by the victim admitted in evidence at trial.  Self defence raised.  Magistrates acquitted the defendant of assault citing the 999 call to the police was not conclusive.
  • R v T – 2016 – Charged with rape of an adult female after meeting in a local nightclub. Victim refused to give evidence on the first day of trial. CPS offered no evidence and case formally dismissed.
  • Police v D – 2015 – Represented suspect of a multi handed gang rape of a vulnerable 14 year old female who had recently moved to a North West care home. Eliminated from investigation due to lack of evidence to support a charge.
  • R v A – 2015 – Successfully appealed against a restraining order imposed by the lower court after being acquitted of breach of a non molestation order.
  • R v S –  2015 – Defended numerous counts of rape on biological daughter. Successfully negotiated a lesser charge of sex with a familial member.
  • R v G – 2015 – Defended high value false accounting charge. Defendant falsely declared on a mortgage application that her earnings were over inflated and secured mortgage amount over £100k.
  • R v H – 2015 – Defended a multi handed fraud from an established bank. Defendant received high level community order. At POCA hearing successfully negotiated the benefit sum to a much lower figure.
  • R v X – 2015 – Possession of stun gun – D received a suspended prison sentence.
  • R v M – 2015 – Defended suspect of attempt murder of his former step father who used a meat clever to inflict life threatening injuries.
  • R v C – 2015 – Represented D charged with multiple counts of S47 ABH and Child Cruelty of own children, charged jointly with husband. Negotiated basis of guilty plea and agreed by CPS. She received 24 months imprisonment.
  • DWP v MF – 2013 – D convicted of £28,000 DWP benefit fraud. Suspended custodial sentence received.
  • R v K – 2013 – Was charged with Trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence. Successfully negotiated with CPS to accept dwelling burglaries.
  • R v K – D charged with fraud and theft of £132 000 from her employer, a software company. Gross breach of trust – she transferred sums of money from company bank account into her own account and she received 18 months imprisonment.
  • R v C – 2011 – 15 year old female of Romanian gypsy heritage charged with theft of make up to the value of £1200 from Boots. No previous cautions/warnings or convictions.  Magistrates sentenced her to a 4 month detention training order despite pre sentence report clearly stating a custodial sentence not warranted.  Bailed pending appeal and sentence overturned by Crown Court, 12 month referral order imposed instead. Judge condemned the Youth Bench stating that the decision to impose a DTO was outrageous.
  • R v W & R – 2009 – ASBO’s quashed on appeal.  The Judge stated ‘this ASBO is ridiculous, this is not how you administer justice. This is not a noise nuisance case, the original offence involves a threat to a neighbour. He was unrepresented and it is totally disproportionate’. The Judge concluded ‘the Court has concerns about how the order was made in the first place. It was inappropriate to make any form of ASBO. The ASBO itself is fundamentally flawed – the neighbours and the public at large are protected by the criminal law. The appeal is allowed and the ASBO is quashed’.

Notable civil cases:

  • CC Greater Manchester v G – 2011 – Imposition of control order or destruction order in relation to a dog dangerously out of control. Dangerous dog expert instructed and dog deemed not dangerous and therefore recommend that the dog be subject to a control order.  Magistrates decided that the dog was dangerous and ordered its destruction. Defendant was disqualified from owning a dog. Appeal lodged and destruction order and disqualification suspended.  Whilst pending appeal, given defendant’s chronic alcohol abuse and inability to control his dog on a day to day basis he decided to give up ownership of his dog to a dog trust.  On appeal destruction order revoked as the Court were satisfied new owners would comply with a control order.  Defendant no longer disqualified from owning a dog however Judge warned him that if any future incidences arise with him handling any dog the authorities will seek to obtain an ASBO against him.
  • CC Greater Manchester v X – 2014 – SOPO application by Police. Prohibitions were many and onerous. Successfully negotiated less prohibitions that were favourable to client. Also secured a reporting ban of the case until further order is made.
  • MCC v J – 2015 – Defended an ASBO variation application lodged by the Council days before the existing ASBO was due to expire.   Defendant had already been subject to the existing ASBO for 4 years and prohibitions duplicitous and disproportionate.  Magistrates granted ASBO variation to be in force for a further two years.

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